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Rotoscore Perforating and Scoring Machine



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On YouTube: http://youtu.be/DNnxrhIftBw

An immensely strong machine that delivers a very sophisticated end-product

What is the Rotoperf?

The Rotoperf is a hand-fed perforating, scoring and “kiss-cut” machine. It is designed for environments that need a highly reliable solution for scoring of covers and perforating of paper.

How does it work?

This machine is hand-fed. The operator fans out the paper and then uses the thumb as a release mechanism by lightly push-feeding the paper.

Standard format specifications:

  • Maximum paper size: 460mm wide broadside feeding (A3). Length = infinity.
  • Minimum : A6 both ways.
  • Paper thickness: 46gsm to 350gsm.
  • Capacity: 2,500 sheets per hour, operator depending.
  • Electricity: 220V relayed to 12V DC.
  • Machines come standard with one perforating wheel and one set of male and female four line scorers. A set consists of two lines inward and two lines outward scoring. This will produce four deep score marks onto especially digitally printed stock with full ink coverage without marking/scratching the surface. A positive score is achieved by using a male and a female type combination with “soft, rounded off edges” on each unit.
  • Additional scoring and perforating wheels are may be added in a matter of minutes.
  • Machines can be ordered for custom widths as specified by the customer.

 Two inward score lines and two outward score lines illustrated. This allows the book cover to wrap around the spine, and then to fold open neatly in the opposite direction.

The final product is a book cover that wraps neatly around the spine and folds open perfectly.

Close-up of the scoring and perforating wheels.

Technical datasheet for the Rotoperf (PDF file, 734KB)

Video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/sA8p7i16kUY

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