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Execu Casemaker
Hard covers for books made easy - and affordable


Download the Execu Casemaker video clip (28.3Mb) YouTube video: http://youtu.be/F398aGTP9MQ or download the Total Photobook Solution video clip (20Mb) or YouTube video: http://youtu.be/Zc8Y7zrfDAQ 


What makes this product unusual?

  • Requires no scheduled maintenance.
  • Delivers an exceptionally neat, high quality product.
  • Pressure-adjustable folding in rollers ensure absolutely consistent quality.
  • Designed to improve workflow and simplify handling for operators.
  • Over-engineered for super-long life.
  • All parts can be obtained from standard suppliers world-wide.
  • Low price.

What are the applications?

Make hard covers for:

  • Photobooks
  • Coffee table books
  • Annual reports
  • Academic thesises
  • High-end diaries
  • Novels, poetry books and other books
What can it do?

Near covers with perfectly-positioned spines, ready for casing in.

Produce stunning quality at an incredibly low price.

Produce vinyl covers for thesis binding.


  • Open new markets by offering hard covers books in addition to your soft cover book products.
  • Increase profit margins with hard cover books.
  • Do in-house what you used to outsource.
  • Have faster turnaround time.
  • Be able to offer low-volume orders more frequently for print-on-demand customers.
  • You can even do casebinding for your opposition.
  • Sell your printing through binding.

    YouTube video: http://youtu.be/F398aGTP9MQ 

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