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Heat Binder

Fixing binding tape onto NCR books

The Heat Binder is the for users who are serious about producing NCR books of consistent quality and in meaningful quantity.

This apparatus simply re-heats the pre glued Binding tape onto the sides of an Invoice/Order book. It can also manufacture fold in pockets for Portfolio folders. Tent-style calendars can be manufactured in seconds. This is know as “Tipp-In”. This concept replaces the time consuming sticking of double sided tape. The smallest of “Pockets” can be manufactured.

Although the MULTI TT Perfect Binding Machine has a single built in heated plate on the knock on section, the Heatbinder works off-line. It therefore frees the binding machine from such mundane tasks. This apparatus compliments the many functions of the TT and the vorTEX/////doublebind machine.

Customers who use the Heat Binder, usually also use the Tape Gluer and often also the Hinge Cutter, thus ensuring the highest possible quality NCR books.

Heat Binder leaflet (JPG file, 382KB)

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