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Hinge Cutter

Invoice / Order Book Cover Hinge making machine



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Sophisticated customers demand sophisticated products. For manufacturers who want to take advantage of the need for the ultimate quality NCR books, this machine is the welcome key.

Although very simplistic in operation, this super strong machine saves countless production hours. A specially tipped blade removes an 8mm strip of board from your greenline or grey chip board covers. By doing so the balance of the board serves as a very tidy, professionally looking inner hinge of the invoice/order book cover. Standard binding cloth is then applied. This results in a book with the ultimate in neat appearance, which folds open smoothly and flat.

You are paying good money for your staff to meticulously create a hinge for your books. The Hinge Cutter does a better looking hinge in 2 seconds! The spacing of each hinge will consistently be the same for book number one as well as book number fifty. 


How does it work?

The heat binder is extremely easy to operate. It is clamped onto a table top, or can be mounted into the surface of a work bench if desired. At the bottom is a dust-collector bag to hold paper fibres.

The book covers are manually passed along a sliding surface. As they pass below the safety shield, a hinge is milled out of the cover by means of a tungsten-tipped blade. The blade is adjustable so that the deepness of the hinge can be changed to suit the thickness of the cover board. The process is extremely fast.

The resulting hinge is soft and flexible, enabling a very soft and supple cover. The hinge is normally cut into both the top and the bottom covers. They books are now ready to be bound. If high quality books are important to your customers, then the Syncrom Hinge Cutter should be important to you.

This machine compliments the MULTI TT Perfect Binding machine and vorTEX/////doublebind machine. Customers who use the hinge cutter often use it in conjunction with the Heat Binder and the Tape Gluer. This combination ensures the highest possibly quality NCR books.

Hinge Cutter technical datasheet (PDF file, 399KB).
Video on YouTube:

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