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Book block preperator for binding problematic paper

The new Openspine machine for preparing bookblocks of problematic paper.

What makes this machine the best in our range?

The openspine is a world-unique new machine for opening the binding section of book blocks.

This machine add-on was developed to allow users to bind books inhoude that can normally only be bound with PUR applications. It is a very inexpensive and easy to use alternative to the costly complexities of outsourcing high risk binding jobs.

When used in combination with doublebinding book binders, the result is books that have practically unequaled binding strength and a very high degree of layflat quality. This makes it possible to bind books that have high gloss paper, very thick paper, short grain paper, or fuser oil and ink coverage to an extent that would have ruled out the possibility of using any perfect binding machines.

This is a perfect solution for high gloss, high value products such as annual general reports, year books and even photo books.

The Openspine machine is inexpensive and easy to use. It works in combination with any vorTEX or Spineflex book binder, or any machine that employs doublebinding technology.

The Openspine does not work with perfect binding machines at all, as the openspine pattern does not compliment spine notching of perfect binding machines in any way.

See the video: https://youtu.be/UX2Hmo8Gu9E


  • The Openspine is a very inexpensive product.
  • Off-line operation means that book blocks can be pre-prepared and collated as a separate operation before being sent on to the binding machine, which if cleverly used, can simplify workflow in smaller operations.
  • The Openspine is a way of gaining maximum value from your existing Spineflex or vorTEX doublebinding machines.
  • Lightweight and easy to ship, store, move and transport.
  • Plugs into standard electric mains, 220V or as specified by the user.
  • Enables the user to provide a range of books which is normally beyond the capabilities of smaller producers to manufacture in-house. This saves turnaround time, increases profit margins, ensure maximum quality assurance, and broadens the product range.


How does it work? 

The page leaves of a standard book block are first tiled evenly by wrapping the book block around a separation collumn. Holding the pages firmly together in this tiled out order, the book block is moved across a special cutting spindle, which mills a specific profile into the book block. The book block is then knocked up so that the tiled pages fall back into their original order. The spine of the book now yields a diamond pattern of small pockets. This has the function of exposing virgin paper fibres to the adhesive, and of allowing a 0,5mm penetration of adhesive in-between every two pages of the book. The result is that the adhesive can primarily bond to virgin paper fibre, in stead of to the surface of the page leaves. This overcomes the problem that exists in perfect binding machines, for example, where the coating on gloss paper chemically resists the binding of the adhesive that is used.

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Openspine video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/UX2Hmo8Gu9E

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