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Powerbind is about developing products that help other people's businesses to make money. In order to do that they are committed to developing and refining technology that is far ahead of any alternatives. But it does not stop there.

In order to keep the enormous fleet of machines running smoothly in the hands of all its customer's Syncrom's agents have a team of dedicated technicians that provide backup and service on an ongoing basis. Machines that are under guarantee are serviced anywhere within regular service regions. Machine parts are supplied from the main factory in George to anywhere in the world.

Product warranty

When products are out of warranty, technical assistance is available across the service region. In a multitude of cases, Powerbind's technical personnel have made special site visits to study unique customer requirements or interesting challenges. Very often this means that the technical department can develop custom modifications for specific customers.

In many cases, especially where speed of response is of the essence in effecting repairs, technical assistance is provided telephonically to the finishing house's in-house technicians. Dealing directly with the developers of the machines means that the success rate in solving technical difficulties is extremely high. 

Product development

The developers know their machines so well that sometimes a customer will be asked if he could hold the telephone receiver close to a certain part of the machine. Merely by listening to the sound of a mechanical strike movement or a compressed air blast the Powerbind technicians are often able to determine what adjustments might be needed. 

Powerbind believes that since its customers spend the most time using machines in actual production, their views are often of paramount importance. For this reason it is their principle to listen to the customer's requests. When a customer asks for a particular modification - sometimes a special variable control switch or an automated feature, nine times out of ten, the factory will design and fit it in a very short period of time.

Powerbind believes in working with it's customers. When a customer has a better way of doing something, they work with him to make it a standard feature.

Supply of parts and consumables

Powerbind supplies parts and consumables such as binding glue for the Spineflex,  vorTEX/////doublebind and TT perfect binding range through it's dealership infrastructure. Outside of the dealership regions parts and consumables are supplied directly from the factory. Where this is not possible, it is often possible to suggest acceptable generic alternatives.

For this reason every effort has been made to develop machines of a sensible kind of which the parts may be freely replaced with components that can either be manufactured locally at most engineering shops, or which can be sourced as stock standard items from electrical supply dealerships.

Powerbind's technical department is exceedingly helpful in enabling customers to keep their machines in good running order no matter where they may be.

Nobody wants to fight with a book to keep it flat. One smoothing down the middle of the book should allow it to lie open flat. This is layflat. This is what the vorTEX/////doublebind machine delivers.

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