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Tape Gluer

Pre-coating your own binding cloth with hotmelt glue



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The Tape Gluer is designed for the production of top class NCR books which employ a strip of binding cloth around the ridge of the book. The Tape Gluer was developed to do the two things that producers need most:

  • To save time.
  • To save money.

How does it work?

The Tape Gluer is used for coating your own binding cloth with standard hotmelt glue. Is the only machine in the world that is capable of fixing a thin layer of Hotmelt-glue onto your stock of binding cloth, either the 75mm or the 100mm width roll.

Uncoated binding cloth is wound on the left-hand spool, then threaded across a hot glue roller, which coats the underside of the cloth with glue. The cloth is then wound onto the right-hand spool after the glue has been dried by an air blower. The process is extremely convenient and so simple that an untrained operator can do it. It only takes approximately 5 minutes to coat 50m of binding cloth. This machine is typically used to coat a month's supply of binding cloth at a time. The binding cloth can then be kept in stock and used as needed.

After the glue application, the rolls can be stored for many years, ready to be used when a certain colour is needed. Simply cut the cloth to the required length and insert it into a specially designed lay on the vorTEX/////doublebind or MULTI TT Perfect Binding machine. The binding machine will wrap it around the spine of your book in seconds, inline. No stapling is needed. The TT or vorTEX will bind your books super strong. The binding margin needs to be only 12mm wide. Your books will be user friendly and will lay open flat. This is an incredibly fast and user-friendly way of making absolutely top quality books.

What are the advantages?

  • Using the Tape Gluer saves time because using pre-coated binding cloth is incomparably faster than laboriously coating the cloth by hand.
  • It also saves money because it dispenses with the need of purchasing expensive pre-coated binding cloth. You turn yourself into your own binding cloth supplier! In fact, the Tape Gluer enables you to become a binding cloth manufacturer and supplier.
  • Binding cloth is available in many different colours, so you can make the colours you like best.

Can I pre-coat binding tape using Powerbind's perfect binding machines?

Yes, it is possible to pre-glue binding cloth on Powerbind's perfect binding machines. Although the MULTI TT Perfect Binding machine also has a built in facility for the pre gluing of binding tape (the only machine in the world that has this facility), it is worth taking note that working offline with the Tape Gluer frees the TT from this mundane task so that the production rate can be significantly increased.

Can I pre-coat binding tape using Powerbind's new vorTEX////doublebinder?

Due to the advanced nature of the coating mechanism the vorTEX/////doublebind machine does not pre-glue binding tape. 

The advantage of using a vorTEX lies in the fact that NCR books can be created that are not only super-strong, but which lie open flat. Ask any user of NCR books whether layflat ability is important in their books. They will tell you that it is not merely important - it is essential. By combining the Powerbind Tape Gluer with a vorTEX/////doublebind machine, the NCR books of the highest possible standard can be offered.

Customers who use the Tape Gluer, usually use it in combination with the Heat Binder and often also with the Hinge Cutter, thus ensuring NCR books of unbeatable quality. NCR books manufactured with this combination are absolutely first class. If it is important to you to be able to beat the market by offering the highest quality NCR books in the market, then the best investment you can make will be in a vorTEX////doublebinder, a Tape Gluer and a Hinge Cutter.

Tape Gluer technical datasheet (JPG file, 156KB).
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