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Book Binding Machines


Spineflex SP320
Newly released - The fastest and most inexpensive layflat binder to date. Layflat quality exceeds previous standards and pull strength is in a class of its own. Very simple to use, unusually reliable and so quiet that it is almost silent. Ultra-low glue odour makes this a great choice where ventilation is an issue. Uses hotmelt EVA glue. Available in a standard, semi-auto and fully auto version. 
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Openspine blookblolck preparator
Prepare booklocks offline in order to bind the most problematic papers on any Spineflex or vorTEX doublebinding machine. The key to layflat binding for photobooks, annual reports and photo journals.
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Adhesive Pad ("sticky note") Machine

  Powerbind SAP ("Specialised Adhesive Process") machine
By far the smallest and most affordable machine in the world for producing repositionable notepads, popularly known as "post-it" or "sticky-notes". This is the only flat sheet-fed A3 machine of its kind. Using hotmelt glue means super fast curing times, no hassles with machine wash-ups, and extreme ease of operation.
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Post-Print Finishing Equipment


Rotoscore perforating and scoring machine
A tremendously robust, simple to use A3 perforating and scoring machine.
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  Hinge Cutter
A simple, affordable and extremely useful machine for cutting a hinge recess into the board that is used as covers on for example, NCR books/invoice books.
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Tape Gluer
An extremely fast and useful machine for self-coating binding tape for NCR books with hotmelt glue. A great money saver.
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Heat Binder
An effective and affordable machine that melts binding tape onto for example, NCR/invoice book spines. Speed up the book-making process on high-volume work by operating this process separately.
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Multi TT320 perfect binding machine
The strongest perfect binding machine in its class in the world. The biggest-selling single-clamp machine in South Africa until the advent of the vorTEX///doublebind machine.
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  Photobook Binding System

Execu case maker ("light table")
Make the highest quality hard covers for your books. Most effective roller-system on the market. Bright light table. Wrap book covers up to 900mm wide (A3 length-wise). Unusually rugged construction for long-lasting reliability at high volumes.
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Six month ex-factory warrantee on all machines. Download a price list here.

Doublebinding - the future of book binding
The market wants "layflat" books

The answer is doublebinding. Doublebinding means books that lie open flat and relaxed without being forced; with a page pull strength of three times the accepted standard.

You may have a problem that we can solve:

  • Books that are expensive
  • Books that refuse to lay open flat
  • Books that fall apart

Does that sound familiar?

     Did you ever have to battle with a book that resists folding open flat? You are probably thinking of a book that was bound using "perfect binding" technology. 

     Remember the weights that you had to put on a study guide to keep it open? Remember bending back that novel until the spine cracked and the pages fell out? Or, if you are a publisher, what about the ultimate industry nightmare: That that angry customer's call, informing you that his entire order is being rejected because the books are falling apart. Such are the risks of perfect binding.

     But what about Smythe sewing and PUR binding, you may ask? Both are great methods that yield strong, layflat books. Unfortunately they are also slow, expensive and complicated to use. Too expensive for general use.

That is why doublebinding was developed!

The happy solution: Doublebinding

  • Picture books that can be bound at a small fraction of the cost of PUR binding.
  • Picture books that lie open flat (true "layflat") - as flat as Smythe sewing or PUR binding.
  • Picture books whose page pull strength is nearly three times that of perfect binding, and well within the range of PUR binding.

What you are viewing now is the future of bookbinding. What you have been hoping for is doublebinding. And fortunately it already exists. Doublebinding is the revolutionary new technology that will change book binding everywhere in the world forever.


Can you bend your books like this? Can your book lie this flat without breaking? Not with perfect binding! But with doublebinding it can!

What is doublebinding?

Doublebinding is a technology which applies not only to the tips of paper, but also in-between the sheets. This results in unprecedented layflat quality in books.  With most binding methods, such as perfect binding, glue is always applied only to the very edges of the sheets of paper. This is a very small surface area for the glue to adhere to. In order to increase this surface area a little and increase the binding strength, the backs of the books are cut or nipped before the glue is applied. This results in a fairly thick layer of glue that creates a rigid spine that resists bending. Doublebinding overcomes this problem to the extent that it is the only glue binding method that compares with Smythe sewing.

With doublebinding, a minute layer of glue is applied between the pages - resulting in an ultra thin, ultra strong spine and a layflat book!

      This yields a book with an ultra-thin spine. The bind is now so strong that something can be done which has never before been possible: the book can be bent backwards against itself into a perfect U - without cracking the spine! This can be done repeatedly without damage.

     Books fold open in true layflat fashion. Because every sheet of paper in the book is glued to the next one, the bind is so strong that the paper will fail before the page pulls out of the binding. And to add to all these benefits, the noisy, messy business of cutting into the spines of books has been dispensed with forever.




 The problem: Non-layflat perfect binding

 The solution: Doublebinding - true layflat results!

Doublebinding is without question the binding technology of the future. For the first time ever, books can now be bound with all the advantages of affordable perfect binding, yet with technical characteristics that are on par with PUR.

 The market demands "layflat" books. Can you afford not to offer what the market wants?

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